Peri- & Post-Operation Care

Every patient has the right to good medical care, and this includes immediate access and timely delivery of health services within a safe, comfortable and patient-centric environment. Clinical skills and experience aside, a physician’s bedside manner is just as important before, during and after treatments.

This facilitates open communication and fosters trust between the physician and patient, contributing to a more accurate diagnosis, more effective treatment and a better recovery.

Peri-Operative Care

Peri-operative care refers to the physical and psychological preparations done before and after a surgical procedure. It is important because it:

  • Facilitates communication and trust between the patient and healthcare providers
  • Detects and addresses issues that may increase complications and impair healing
  • Alleviates anxiety and addresses concerns the patient may have regarding the operation
  • Provides post-operative instructions and assistance in discharge planning
  • Involves the support and care of family members in the pre- and post-treatment process

Post-Operative Care

Post-operative care refers to the service provided after the surgical procedure, whether in the operating room, recovery wards, or at home. The type of care prescribed depends on the kind of operation, the method used (open or laparoscopic), and the medical history and health condition of the patient.

Post-operative care is crucial because it:

  • Allows healthcare providers to closely monitor the patient’s condition immediately following the procedure
  • Helps the patient better plan for discharge based on the results of the operation
  • Provides in-depth instructions on pain management and wound care
  • Better prepares the patient for lifestyle modifications, self-care treatments and other things to expect after discharge
  • Promotes quicker healing and prevents further complications

Digestive Centre adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of various digestive and gastrointestinal conditions, and our specialty extends to peri-, pre- and post-operative care. Here, we prioritize the comfort and needs of our patients from the time they are confined to beyond their discharge. To learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment, call 6737-5388.